Privacy policy
1. Collection and Disclosure of Personal Information
     When using Pasjans/Solitaire, there are instances in which users are asked to voluntarily provide such personal information as their password and login. In the event that Pasjans/Solitare requests that users provide password and login, it shall inform users of the purpose and use of such information. This data is used only for users to see their game statistics.
2. Management of Personal Information
     Pasjans/Solitaire strictly manages the personal information that it collects from users of the Pasjans/Solitaire application. Data is only stored in data base for personal use of user. Every password is coded, there is no 'remind me password' option.
     User account can't be deleted or changed from user panel, it can only be deleted by writting to service at budnix+solitaire[at] There is a possibility to create new account by the same person.